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The Valley of Rochester
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

811 Ayrault Road, Suite 3
Fairport, NY 14450
 PHONE # 425-0033
Welcome to the web site for the Valley of Rochester of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The Valley of Rochester is located in Rochester, New York. The Valley has been serving the Freemasons of the Rochester area since 1867.

The Valley of Rochester confers the 4th through the 32nd Scottish Rite Degrees. The conferral is the responsibility of the four bodies of the Valley. The bodies and their responsibilities are:
  • Rochester Lodge of Perfection - confers the 4th to the 14th degree
  • Rochester Council of Princes of Jerusalem - confers the 15th and 16th degree
  • Rochester Chapter of Knights of Rose Croix - confers the 17th and 18th degree
  • Rochester Consistory - confers the 19th to the 32nd degree

You will find more information about the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in general and the Valley of Rochester in particular on this site.

Be sure to check out the news and upcoming events tabs, as there is much to say about what has happened and what will happen in the Valley. 

We hope you enjoy your visit.



Valley Meetings are Monthly

Every Third Thursday

@ Shrine Center

979 Bay Road, Webster NY 14580

5:30 Social ~ 6:30 Dinner ~ 7:30 Program



We will strive to be a fraternity

that fulfills our Masonic obligation

to care for our members.


Mission Statement:

Inspire our members by emphasizing our Core Values:

Reverence for God, Devotion to Country, Integrity, Justice, Toleration, and Service.

Ensure that activities are convenient.

Provide enjoyable programs and fraternal fellowship.


 Ritualistic Matters:

A Brother becomes a member of the Valley of Rochester when he has conferred upon him the 4th degree.


A Brother becomes a 32nd Degree Mason when he has conferred upon him a minimum of three additional degrees selected by the Valley which reflect the core values of the Rite plus the 32nd degree.


Valley of Rochester
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
811 Ayrault Road, Suite 3
Fairport, NY 14450
(585) 425-0033, (800) 858-2320